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Office of the Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner

Buthome.gif (883 bytes) Butmap.gif (822 bytes) seal.GIF (5334 bytes)John F. King is  the Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner and Industrial Loan Commissioner for the State of Georgia.

The office regulates insurance companies; licenses insurance agents; and, regulates industrial loan offices.

As Safety Fire Commissioner, Commissioner King appoints the State Fire Marshal; promotes and provides fire safety education; assist local fire department with investigations; regulates the manufactured housing industry; regulates explosives and hazardous materials; inspects and licenses racetracks; and inspects public buildings for compliance with state fire codes.

The office has many fire safety programs. One of the most popular programs is the fire safety house. The fire safety house is a mobile teaching unit used to make fire safety education more realistic for children.

For information regarding our smoke detector programs, fire safety education programs, or other fire safety needs, please contact the Fire Safety Education Division at (404) 657-0831.

For additional assistance, please call: (404) 656-2070

Visit our office Internet site at

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Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, State of Georgia, USA