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Help the Fire Avenger teach you how to be safe!

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firedot.GIF (1087 bytes)Know what to do BEFORE  a fire starts!

firedot.GIF (1087 bytes)Learn how to be prepared in case a fire starts in the night.

firedot.GIF (1087 bytes)If your clothes catch on fire STOP, DROP, and ROLL!

firedot.GIF (1087 bytes)Find out what to do if you get burned.

firedot.GIF (1087 bytes)Matches and lighters are not toys.  BE COOL and stay away from them!

firedot.GIF (1087 bytes)Smoke detectors can save your life!  Learn what you can do to make sure they work correctly!

Brought to you by John F. King
Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, State of Georgia, USA