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The Fire Avenger says: The Fire Avenger

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firedot.GIF (1087 bytes)Smoke detectors warn of danger.  You and your family must take action to escape!

firedot.GIF (1087 bytes)Does your family have an escape plan in case of fire?  If not, be sure to talk about it with your parents and draw a map of how you would escape in case of a fire.

firedot.GIF (1087 bytes)Remember to IMMEDIATELY leave the home in a fire.  Do not waste time trying to save your toys, pets, and other things.  Pets will escape on their own and toys can be replaced.  Every second counts in a fire!

firedot.GIF (1087 bytes)Do you have a meeting place in case of fire?  You and your family should decide where to meet after you escape from a fire such as a mail box or a tree far away from the burning house.

Brought to you by John F. King
Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, State of Georgia, USA